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Supply Chain Transparency

MaxxValue’s Position on Human Trafficking

Maxxvalue Supermarkets is committed to lawful and ethical business practices that demonstrate our core values of integrity, respect, responsibility and commitment to our employees, our customers, and the communities we serve. Our sense of community and corporate citizenship extends beyond those cities and towns in which we are located, to the larger global community we all share. It is with this greater sense of community that we are developing policies and practices that support the eradication of slavery and human trafficking.

  • MaxxValue expects its vendors, distributors, and business partners to adhere to the same high standards of ethical and legal conduct. We are putting in place a more in-depth vendor assessment and approval process that will include self-verification of the vendor’s compliance with anti-slavery and human trafficking regulations.
  • Each of our vendors will also be required to certify that any materials incorporated into the products they supply to MaxxValue, do comply with applicable laws regarding slavery and human trafficking.
  • MaxxValue wants to ensure that its managers and employees, in particular those with direct responsibility for its supply chain, better understand how to evaluate and identify risk in this area. We will be developing and implementing training that will broaden this awareness, and provide knowledge of how to help mitigate such risks.

MaxxValue does not currently conduct audits of its vendors to monitor their ongoing compliance with MaxxValue’s policies and standards. Once these programs are fully developed, however, Save Mart will maintain internal accountability for both our employees and our vendors, and impose penalties on those who violate these standards.